Testimonials posted: 5 May 2008
Hi Bella.

I am attaching some pictures of the kids at the Opera and also forwarding an e-mail from the music teacher at Coral Park Elementary. They had a great experience and I just wanted to share that with you. 

Thank you again for allowing them this opportunity.

Isabel Grandal
The Parent Academy

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Thank you very much.

Our students had never seen singers. They always see symphony orchestras, but no live singers.

They also enjoyed the two little girls who were featured playing the violin. We had seats in front of the orchestra, so they were really excited. We talked to the performers and were amazed to know that the orchestra had met at 7:30 AM and had actually seen and rehearsed the music for the first time that day!!!

...And they did all that for us!!!

We also found out that some of the players are also music teachers from Dade County Public Schools. 

Again, thank you.

Live music offers a connection that cannot be achieved through a CD, nor a DVD, and most of our children will never get to see this on their own unless agencies like this one realize its importance. 

Irma Rodriguez
Coral Park Elementary